phenomena of urban development - they may be brilliant and they may be terrible; they tell us about what has been going on in the city and raise intriguing questions... some examples

It appears that this is, at least so far, a blog on Soviet constructivist buildings, which sadly are crumbling away...
Witnesses to Soviet history and architectural landmarks:
Constructivist public buildings

Moscow: Sokolniki Park. Next to this abandoned building old men are playing chess and backgammon at tables under metal umbrellas...
chess house Sokolniki Park Moscow

photographed June 2013, Moscow

Kiev: Musical Theatre. Today the main part is still a theatre and the top half under the roof has been redesignated market. Strange mixture...
Musical Theatre Kiev

Musical Theatre Kiev

photographed February 2013, Kyiv

Three wonderful constructivist buildings in Kazan, in a very sorry state...




July 2012 Kazan