A gallery of qualitative and visual research of city life focusing on aspects of diversity, cultural practices and transformation of public space. Originally launched as online gallery of urban photography with projects by Moscow and Manchester photographers, incl. Igor Moukhin and Al Baker.

Communication Language

July 2014: urban gardening ideas
herb container project for a desolate Berlin yard

invitation to the tenants to pick herbs, water them,
add more herbs or other ideas to improve the yard...

February 2014: generating new urban dialogues
Discussion of your notes and ideas on the question
"How is the district of Neukölln changing?"
posted in our letterbox over the past 3 weeks
WHEN: February 25, 2014 at 7 pm
WHERE: Werkstadt, Emser Str. 124 (corner Ilsestr.)

map: http://werkstadt-berlin.com/deutsch/kontakt.html


January 2014: Mailboxes in Berlin
How is the district of Neukölln changing?
We are interested in your thoughts and suggestions!


You find our mailbox in Neukölln by the bakery
on the corner of Emserstraße and Ilsestraße
(halfway between S-Bahn stations Hermannstr. and Neukölln)

urban/art project to create new urban dialogue
in collaboration with PARTIZANING

December 2012: Now out in paperback!
The Urban Landscape in the post-Soviet Era

Cultural Diversity In Russian Cities
Berghahn Books December 2012

21.04.2012 Berlin, Kreuznacher Strasse 48

Stolpersteine Jezowers

We met on Saturday for a ceremony in commemoration of
who were part of the artistic and left-wing circles of Berlin
in the 1920s and 30s. Writers and translators,
they lived in the Künstlerkolonie in Wilmersdorf
(U-Breitenbachplatz) with their daughter Veronika.
They managed to save her from the Holocaust,
but not themselves.
Not only through these Stolpersteine,
literally stumbling stones,
but also via their creative and cultural legacy
passed on to their grand- and great- and great-great-
grandchildren, is their memory kept alive.

published in November 2010:


OPEN/CLOSED. Public Spaces in Modern Cities
exhibition catalogue, by Lilia Voronkova and Oleg Pachenkov

The exhibition OPEN/CLOSED (Berlin, 2010) has taken a detailed look at public spaces in the centres of four European cities: Manchester, St. Petersburg, Lviv and Sofia. It is a visual inquiry into what is happening with our city spaces today. The product of an international research project, this exhibition bundles the visual dimension of the project, which included photographic observation as one method and visualisation as one strand of their findings in an innovative approach of complementing the social sciences.

For a donation for p+p this 40-page catalogue can be obtained by e-mail.

published in May 2010:

The Urban Landscape in the post-Soviet Era

Cultural Diversity In Russian Cities
Berghahn Books May 2010

other publications:

The Russian Capital Between Multiculturalism and Russification. Artists’ Impressions
Art via Video, Moscow, 2006
[Cordula Gdaniec and Julia Ovchinnikova]

documentary film. latest screening at
urban research directors’ lounge, February 2009 Berlin

an accompanying text has appeared in: Beate Binder, Dagmar Neuland-Kitzerow, Karoline Noack (eds): Kunst und Ethnographie. Zum Verhältnis von visueller Kultur und ethnographischem Arbeiten, Berliner Blätter Heft 46/2008, pp. 146-148.

Stadt und Stadtgesellschaft im postsowjetischen Moskau
[City and urban society in post-Soviet Moscow]
LIT-Verlag: Münster, 2005

with photographs by Igor Moukhin, urbanXposure 1999

to order a copy of any of the photo books
please contact urbanXposure.


"Ordinary young hooligans" or Moscow geographies of fear: Spatial practices in and around the Peoples Friendship University of Russia, in: Leonid Grinin, Andrey Korotayev (eds): Hierarchy and Power in the History of Civilizations. Cultural dimensions, Moscow: Krasand, 2008, pp.3-15.

Von Ausstellungen, Begegnungen und Partnerschaften: Zur kulturellen Logik der Konstellation "Berlin - Moskau", Volkskunde in Sachsen, 18/2006, pp.73-98 [with Alexa Färber].

"Shopping Malls and Shishas. Urban Space and Material Culture as Approaches to Transformation in Berlin and Moscow". Ethnologia Europaea vol. 34:2 [2004], pp. 113-128 [with Alexa Färber].